How would you describe the mission and expertise of your organisation in the field of media literacy/ critical thinking/ fact checking/ countering disinformation?

For about three years, the association EDUK-MEDIA has been active when it comes to the development of the critical spirit in media practices. It organises awareness campaigns on online disinformation through its various channels like Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter..

Which are, in your opinion, the three biggest current challenges related to countering disinformation in your country?

  • Promoting media education.
  • Reducing the digital gap.
  • Supporting associations in activities related to combating disinformation and hate speech online.

Could you name three solutions that you implemented or else want to recommend as an advice how to counter disinformation, strengthen societies’ critical thinking skills and build civil resilience to disinformation?

  • Organising regular online awareness campaigns.
  • Organising the training webinars on factchecking and disinformation techniques.
  • Advocating the formalization of Media and Information Literacy (MIL).

What are the top three events or dates you have witnessed this year that have caused an intensification of disinformation activities?

The regional elections held on December 6, 2020 in Cameroon, the Covid-19 pandemic.

In your opinion, which future three dates/events are likely to bring about the intensification of disinformation activities in 2021?

The restrictions concerning the vaccination against the Covid-19, high unemployment, lockdown.

What are the prevailing disinformation narratives you have observed in the media space this year?

Controversy around vaccines against Covid-19, the stigmatisation of vulnerable people, online hate speech, exclusion and tribalism.

Have you been relying on any fact-checking tools? If yes, please describe them or share the links.

Google image search, which makes it possible to verify the authenticity of an image.

In your opinion, who are the best performing actors – in your country, as well as in the EU – playing crucial roles in the field of media literacy today and why?

In Cameroon, there are civil society organisations, in particular EDUK-MEDIA, which today plays a crucial role when it comes to the media literacy.

Interview published in April, 2021.

Digital law lawyer and media educator at EDUK-MEDIA, Cameroon
Disciplined, rigorous, moralising