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About the partners

Centre for International Relations, Poland (project’s leader)

The Centre for International Relations is an independent, nonpartisan think tank, an influential forum for foreign policy analysis and debate, involving leading politicians, diplomats, civil servants, local government officials, businessmen, journalists, students and representatives of other NGOs. CIR’s mission is to be actively involved in projects related to present challenges to regional security – information war, hybrid war and cyber security being one of them. The Centre’s activities to date have emphasized issues relating to NATO and international security, cyber security, different aspects of European integration, transatlantic relations, a broadly defined Eastern policy, migration, climate and energy, as well as advancing democracy in the region and worldwide.  CIR  has cooperated with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry for the Environment, NATO, the European Commission, International Visegrad Fund, National Endowment for Democracy, and numerous regional think tanks. Since 2009, the Centre has been annually ranked among the top think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe in the University of Pennsylvania’s research The Leading Public Policy Research Organizations in the World.


European Projects Association, Belgium

EPA is politically independent nonprofit organization focused on research and development, innovation and internationalization of good practices in European projects. The use of innovative information and communication technologies is a distinctive characteristic of this cooperation network dedicated to the European projects stakeholders. Members are grouped in 4 sectors (Regional and Local Governments sector, Businesses and Industry, Academic and Research Centers and Associations and Networks sector) and communication towards the members are organized in 13 Working Groups. EPA has 10 years of experience in developing Professional Improvement Programs dedicated to enable people with different backgrounds to get involved in knowledge transfer activities in Brussels. EPA is coordinating the European Projects Accelerator in Brussels, where is organizing education and training sessions and practical workshops on effectiveness in the management of the European Projects. In partnership with the European Academy for Education and Social Research, EPA has experience in supporting the goals of organizations, experts and individuals with a complete set of ICT tools on My-Europa platform and services that foster the development, effective implementation and efficient dissemination of EU projects.


INFORMO, Croatia

INFORMO is a civil society non-profit organization particularly focusing on education. The main activities are addressed to impact territorial, business, professional and personal development. Since its establishment in 2004, Informo gained a valuable experience in organizing and performing trainings and workshops, as well as in contributing to the development and internationalization of local, regional and national projects, through the participation in European and international partnerships. The association is promoting European values and citizenship by encouraging people to undertake a pro-active role in the society, promoting the values of solidarity and tolerance. Through different projects, a variety of educational and training programs for adults and youth is implemented, involving local, regional, national, European and international stakeholders active in different fields. Particularly addressing to marginalized groups as unemployed youth and mothers, cultural and linguistic minorities, disabled people, elders, as well as social workers from public and private sectors, Informo is boosting the social economy and generating development. The different projects are tightly linked in order to provide sustainability and continuity of the initiative.


Res Publica, Lithuania

Civic resilience center Res Publica is non-profit organization permanently monitoring disinformation campaigns, fake news stories and hostile propaganda against democracy using cutting edge technology and data analytics systems and to be support and coordination for the international volunteers’ groups (elves) involved in digital resilience. Res Publica developed The Elves’ Academy training program, a long-term project held twice a year with regular international Autumn and Spring Schools for the training of digital resilience leaders for European countries. The Academy is a platform for sharing the international experience regarding the fight against the Kremlin’ propaganda. Target group of the “Elves’ Academy”: civic activists and volunteers who are determined to use actively the gained knowledge for a cyber-resistance in their countries.